Terra Infinite is a NFT collection of 3333 humanoid machines reviving the planet after the nuclear war

  • - Each Android is unique, composed of more than 200 attributes
  • - There are also 111 unique AnimaDroids composed of more than 40 attributes
  • - ERC-721 + IPFS
  • - 0.03 ETH NFT Tokens
  • - Mechanics that encourage the community to work together
  • - On-chain art changing mechanic
  • - Launch in December
Terra Infinite androids

The Story

Terra Infinite android full-length

In the year 2987 technological progress led to the creation of androids - humanoid machines indistinguishable from humans. Androids have been used for many tasks - from housekeeping to military. Unfortunately, The Last War of 3021 turned the Earth into a scorched desert making it uninhabitable for humans. They had to leave their planet in search of a new home while Androids were left alone. Androids formed the Terra Infinite Union, whose goal was to restore the Earth flora and fauna

Terra Infinite android full-length


Terra Infinite mechanics encourages interaction between members. You should work together to keep the Earth alive

In Terra Infinite you can level up your character and the first goal of the community is for 2000 standard androids to become Empaths
Initially, each android has one of the following ranks


Terra Infinite android

amount: 3000

Standard android. Can be linked with an animadroid to become an Emapth

Terra Infinite empath android

amount: 333

Can mint an animadroid for free. They have a special sign on their arm

Terra Infinite leader android

amount: 6

Fully hand-drawn and presented with exclusive 1x1 traits.
They will be able to head commune (future collection mechanics)

question mark

amount: ?

Next android ranks will be added in future collections

How to become an Empath

The first 333 Empaths will be randomly picked from 3333 androids

Empaths are able to mint an animadroid for free. Then they can give or sell it to owners of standard androids to help them to become an Empath

Terra Infinite AnimaDroids

amount: 111


Any owner of a standard android can level up it to Empath rank. To become an Empath a standard android should be linked with an animadroid

The owner is also able to choose the appearance of the future Empath (the art of the token will be changed)

Terra Infinite android


Terra Infinite animadroids


On-chain art changing

Resulting on-chain art


We love cyberpunk and want to grow our Terra Infinite universe. We are planning to develop the project and launch new collections with benefits for holders. They will bring new arts, mechanics, and pieces of the story to the Terra Infinite world. We also plan to create comics and arts on Terra Infinite universe. Some of them have been already added to OpenSea.
We are considering creating 3D printed figures based on our characters

Holders benefits

The collection mechanics should help to increase traded volume as animadroids should be sold between members to help each others' androids to become an Empath

We plan holders will get bonuses in future collections like free mint, discount, or the ability to mint something rare

Also, we want to use future collections to raise the floor price of the current one. For example, we can first level up and change arts of androids with low prices to increase their value within the collection


22.12 - 27.12

Androids smart contract deploy


Androids WL presale


Androids public presale


Reveal. Animadroids are available for mint


Public sale

2000 empath are reached

Establishment of communes (future collection)

Development of the future collections

New collections with benefits for holders


Yes! There is a whitelist! Whitelisted can mint the token with a discount. Whitelisted wallets will be able to mint starting Tuesday, December 28th, 2021, and will have 24 hours to complete their mint

Join our Discord and review the whitelist requirements. Also, you can take part in Twitter giveaways to win a WL spot

Metamask is recommended

But you can also use WalletConnect or your Formatic account

  • 0.02 eth whitelisted presale
  • 0.025 eth public presale
  • 0.03 eth public sale

10 per one transaction

  • 10:00 pm (GMT+00:00), December 28, 2021 whitelisted presale
  • 10:00 pm (GMT+00:00), December 30, 2021 public presale
  • 10:00 pm (GMT+00:00), January 5, 2022 public sale

January 3th, 2022

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Guide to Metamask - Our recommended wallet

Also, feel free to ask anything in our Discord. We'll help you with great pleasure


Terra Infinite android

Tech android

Golang developer with 5 years of experience.
System programming lover and etherium enthusiast

Terra Infinite android

Artist android

Talented artist and advisor
Full-time freelancer

Terra Infinite android

Communication android

IT project manager in a bank with 7 years of experience

Terra Infinite android

Assist android

Just a random NFT lover
Idea generator